Introducing leather recliner sofas

Affording a leather recliner sofa

With an almost endless choice of leather recliner sofas out there to choose from it’s always a good idea to have a little guidance in choosing the right recliner for your home. Spending hundreds of your hard earned pounds on a sofa can seem daunting especially when it’s a lump sum payment.

Choosing finance to buy a leather recliner

Many sofa shops these days offer some kind of finance option which will save you from having to buy a recliner sofa in full or at least in one go. Usually you can spread the repayment costs over a choice of 6 months, 12 months or sometimes 2 years but you tend to pay more interest the longer for the longer repayment terms.

Finance is a great way in which to afford any kind of leather sofa these days and allows you to think about upgrading to a sofa you might not have thought you could afford if payment had to be made in one go.

Getting size right

Size is a major factor when purchasing a reclining leather sofa as it can often affect the price substantially. Most homes these days have smaller living rooms to what they used to be and so size has to be taken into account. Taller people may want a sofa which can offer support for the head or at the least the top of the shoulder while smaller folk may want a sofa which is not too deep in the seat as it can be uncomfortable to sit on and may want to touch the floor when sat on.

When buying a leather recliner sofa, the size when the sofa becomes reclined should be considered as having two recliner sofas in your lounge may mean the sofas are close together and when reclined may rub the other. A great way to try out in your lounge whether your new reclining sofas will fit is to use newspaper and lay sheets on the floor trying to cover the space that the sofa will take up. You could even lay extra sheets to show the room taken up when the sofa is reclined.

Difference in reclines

Recliner sofas and especially leather recliner sofas are these days a very popular choice of sofa as they offer something a little extra to a fixed frame sofa. The reclining feature doesn’t always have to be used and so can act as a fixed frame sofa when need be.

Electric recliner sofas offer a recline which has no fixed stage as the reclining motion can be stopped at a position which suits you. Manual recliner sofas are a little different as they have fixed positions and are controlled usually by a lever on the side which when pulled releases the foot rest and allows it to lift. The back cushion is reclined further by shifting the body back while the sofa slides forwards and extends out.

An advantage of a manual recliner sofa over an electric one is that you don’t have to position your new sofas next to a power point and there won’t be any unsightly cables. Manual recliners are powered by spring actions which if faulty are easy to fix and parts are generally easy to replace.

Electric recliner sofas have become popular with the older generation as you don’t need strength in the legs in order to close the reclining foot rest. An easy way to bypass this is to slide to the other seat and close the recline by hand. Electric recliner sofas feature an electric motor which is control by a two button system and requires no manual force to close the sofas reclining action.

Will a recliner sofa suit my family?

If you have small children then spending out on reclining leather sofas would be considered very carefully. Some recliner sofas can take the constant abuse from children but others may not. Manual recliner sofas will tend to last longer as the mechanism is simple and doesn’t rely on any electricity to power it. You could say that in a way manual recliners are safer to use because of this but then manual recliners have parts which can trap a child’s fingers if misused.

You’ll find that 3 seater recliner sofas have 3 individual seats whereas modern leather sofas with fixed frames usually have two wide seats but are the same size as sofas with 3 individual seats.

The number of reclining seats provided on most three seater recliners is 2 seats as the middle seat usually stays fixed as there is no way for the person to control the reclining action from this position. The two outside seats tend to be the ones which recliner on the sofa.

There are many things to consider when purchasing reclining sofas and hopefully this brief introduction will have helped with your decision.