What is Contemporary Furniture?

If you flick through the pages of any interior design magazine or watch an interior design show on the television, the chances are you will hear the words contemporary furniture mentioned at least once.

So what is contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture can be defined as furniture which is modern and in fashion at a particular point in time, this means a contemporary item of furniture may be part of a current trend or was fashionable in a previous era, for example a chaise longue which was modern and in trend in the sixties can still be classed as contemporary today.

Designers of contemporary furniture will strive to design pieces which are an evolution or style, using different materials to create unique products that in most cases are simple yet stylish and have not been seen before.

Labelling a piece of furniture as contemporary, is in most cases down to personal choice and judgement, a settee from the sixties may sit perfectly in the right modern day environment, mixing different items of furniture from different periods is a skill and an art that when done right can result in an interior that looks smart, sophisticated and professionally designed.

How to get the contemporary look

Achieving a contemporary look in any home can be achieved with a little thought and planning. Have a look in design