2 Seater Sofas – Buying the Right Size for You

When buying a 2 seater sofa there is a lot that you need to bring into account. What sort of space do you have? Who will be using the sofa? Where will the sofa be located in your home? These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself?

Will a 2 seater sofa fit?

What is the access like into your home? Will a 2 seater sofa fit through your door and will access be OK on the day of your delivery?

Who will be using the 2 seater sofa? Is it just you, or you and a partner or will you be using it to entertain guests on?

Where in your home will your new 2 seater sofa be located? Will it be seen straight away when you and guests walk into your home, Will it be the first thing seen so does your 2 seater sofa need to be eye catching or does in need to blend it with its natural surroundings.

Which colour sofa to choose?

There are many 2 seater sofas available to buy. If your living room is a little on the small side, a 2 seater sofa can instantly make your room look less cluttered and airy which gives you more space and makes your living area more accessible. You can always up grade at a later date if you decide that a 2 seater sofa just isn’t enough. If you went for a dark colour 2 seater this will give the room a fuller, warmer look. If you went for a lighter colour 2 seater sofa this will make the room look more natural and have a cooler look to it. You can always add to look by adding some scatter cushions or throws to your 2 seater sofa which complement the look and colour of your new sofas.

Will a 2 seater settee offer head & back support?

When picking your 2 seater sofa style think about how you like to relax when sitting down. Do you like to sit up? Do you like to lie down? Or do you like to kick back and relax and unwind buy putting your feet up? All of the above should be taken into account when buying and choosing your new sofa. If you like to sit up in your 2 seater sofa if so then think about the height of the back cushion, Do you like your neck supported only or do you want to relax your head on the seat cushion? Do you lie down on your 2 seater sofa? If so make sure you have a cushioned arm so your neck and back are well supported at all times. If you enjoy putting your feet up then maybe purchase a footstool that will compliment your 2 seater sofa in looks and height. Or maybe really treat yourself and have a reclining 2 seater sofa.