Brown Leather Sofas: The Best Choice?

When thinking about ordering your brown leather sofas you should take a lot into consideration. Surfing the net, snuggling up with the family, chilling with a takeaway or indulging in an afternoon with your favourite DVD box set while sitting on your brown leather sofas… modern living means a sofa has become much more than somewhere to rest your legs of an evening, so it’s important to make the right choice first time.

But why brown leather sofas?

Brown is a very popular colour at the moment and looks amazing in  leather sofas. The modern day trend is to have either neutral colours on walls buy may consist of a feature wall that shows that person’s inner colour desires. So whatever colour you have as a feature wall as an expression, your brown leather sofas will sit next to your colour scheme proudly knowing your home looks better with it rather than without it.

Measure up before you shop and work out how big brown leather sofas you can accommodate. Two smaller brown leather sofas or one large one and a couple of armchairs may be more flexible. Lay out newspaper on the floor to the size of your sofa to see roughly how much room it will take up. From a practical point of view, don’t forget to think about the access into your home. Some retailers offer a home visit to check that the sofa will fit through doors, along corridors or up staircases. Some sofas ease the process by having detachable armrests or coming in sections. If you’re someone who likes to lie down and relax, you may want brown leather sofas with low arms and lots of loose cushions to get cosy on,’ ‘However, if you prefer to be supported when you sit, more formal, upright shapes with back cushions may be better.

Try out lots of styles and don’t be afraid to have a good lounge and really test it out to find the brown leather sofas of your dreams. The shapes of a leather sofa and even the number of cushions can make a difference to the overall feel of the room. In a smaller space, narrower sofa arms give the illusion of a more compact piece, and whereas one or two cushions give a cleaner, more modern look, three feel more traditional.

Leather is robust, cool in summer and warm in winter and, if well-maintained, can last a lifetime. Technology means that all sorts of finishes can be achieved, from distressed and antiqued to smooth and soft. There are several different grades of leather, so ask an expert which type is most suited to your needs. Most leathers will age in some way, but this can add to the character.