Buying Reclining Leather Sofas


Reclining sofas are a common choice for people who are looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, being able to adjust the seating position from upright to an almost horizontal or lying down position is an excellent option whether you are watching your favourite film or just relaxing in the comfort of your home. With so many styles, finishes and options to choose from the buying process can become confusing, within this article are a number of factors to consider when purchasing reclining leather sofas or suites which will hopefully make the buying experience easier and ensure you make the right choice.

Electric or manual reclining leather sofas

There are two options for mechanisms on reclining leather sofas, manual or electric. Manual reclining leather sofas are usually fitted with a lever to the side which when pulled lifts the footrest, it is then up to the person to push forward and lean back to recline the seat. Electric reclining leather sofas will have an up and down button in place of the lever, the seat and footrest can then be adjusted to whichever position is required. Electric reclining leather sofas are mains operated so having a mains power supply in close proximity to the sofa is crucial unless you want wires running across your room.

Will my new leather recliners fit?

Reclining leather sofas are generally larger in size than standard fixed sofas so it’s definitely worth measuring up first. Most reclining sofas do come with either removable backrests and/or the bases in pieces, this is to make delivery easier, especially as reclining sofas can be quite heavy due to having a metal frame. Another important factor to consider is how much space or clearance will be needed from the wall to allow the sofa to recline, most recliners shift forwards during the reclining action so not as much space is required, this is a good question to ask at the point of sale.

Number of seats

In most cases it is usually only the end or side seats that recline, so on a three seater recliner both ends will recline and the middle is fixed and on two seater recliners both seats will recline. This is another important factor to consider when making a purchase.

Other sofa features

More recently reclining leather sofas can be brought as a corner sofa configuration and include such features as in built drinks trays and even MP3 docks and speakers, with all of these options, styles, sizes and models on offer there should be a reclining leather sofa suitable for most prospective buyers.