Choosing a Red Leather Corner Sofa

A red leather corner sofa can really brighten up an otherwise plain and neutral room offering a splash of colour and vibrancy as well as a comfortable area to sit. Corner sofas come in all different shapes, sizes and styles so the odds are there is a corner sofa out there to suit you and your needs.

Ask for a leather sofa sample

Unlike a black leather sofa, a red leather sofa can come in a whole range of shades from a lighter rose red to a deep ox blood red, which shade and  tone you choose will depend on your existing interior so its good practice to obtain a swatch of the covering beforehand to ensure it right for you.

Where to place a red leather corner sofa

A red leather corner suite will in most cases look better against a plain single colour wall rather than for instance heavily patterned wallpaper. It is also a good idea to choose subtle soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, again anything that is patterned may take the interest away from the sofa itself.

Dark floor coverings work well with a red leather sofa alongside dark wooden furniture. Accessories in dark greens and browns also work well. For interior design ideas its always good to look online at red leather corner sofas in existing room sets these are great for inspiration and to see what works in terms of accessories and colours.

Will your new sofa fit in your lounge?

It is extremely important to measure your space carefully when buying all furniture, this is especially the case with a corner unit. With a traditional three piece suite, the individual parts can all be moved around independently and tweaked to suit the room. A corner sofa being a single, in most case large piece of furniture needs to have ample space and any obstructions or restricting features such as doors, radiators and windows taken into account before purchasing. A good idea is to mark out the footprint of the sofa with newspaper on the floor to show exactly how the sofa will sit in your room.

A red leather corner unit is a large investment and a serious statement of your home and personality so a little time spent shopping around for the best deal and the right sofa is recommended, do your homework and remember to measure carefully, by taking a little time thinking the purchase through before parting with your hard earned money, time and unnecessary hassle can be saved in the long run. Plan carefully and you could soon be sitting on your brand new red leather corner sofa.