Leather Sofas, a Wise Investment

Leather sofas are a great investment, buy the right set and they can last you for years to come adding a touch of luxury and style to your interior, some leather sofas even get better with age as they bed in and become more comfy and gain a distressed look. If you are planning on keeping your leather suite for years to come there are a few considerations to bear in mind to ensure that your sofas last the duration and also fit in with changing fashions and trends.

Plenty of Choice

There are thousands of models styles and finishes to choose from when buying a new leather sofa, with the current trend for bright colours and patterns in full force. Buying a super fashionable brightly coloured sofa may not be a wise choice if you plan to have the sofa for years to come, interior design trends come and go very quickly so a safer bet would be to choose a solid colour such as black, brown or cream, which can still look great in any interior even if you redecorate many times over.

Build quality of Sofas

The construction of leather sofas is another important consideration to bear in mind if you want a leather sofa that will last, there are a few minimum standards and features you should keep an eye open for. Pocket sprung seating is a must, cheaper spring types such as serpentine springs can sag over time. Pocket sprung seats feature coiled springs which sit vertically beneath the seat cushion. This set up will ensure the seats always return to their original shape whilst also providing a high level of comfort and support.

A good quality hardwood frame that has been ‘glued and screwed’ will stand the test of time. A general test of quality is the weight of the sofa, when a sofa can be picked up easily you really must question the quality and the components used in its manufacture.

Should you Purchase a Warranty?

Most leather sofas are available to buy with a warranty or guarantee either included as standard or as an optional extra.  Warranties on leather furniture can last five or even ten years providing peace of mind and repairs and maintenance for the warranty period.

Leather sofas are fairly low maintenance items of furniture however a little care and attention can vastly improve their lifespan. Keeping the sofa clean and using a moisturising type solution can ensure the leather stays soft and supple for longer as well as keeping it looking new. Sofas should be cleaned using a recommended cleaning solution approximately once a month whilst moisturisers should be used approximately every 6 months.

The price of a leather sofa isn’t always a good indication of its quality or how long it will last. There are some really good quality well priced sofas on the market with imports from the Far East and Eastern Europe offering high levels of quality at bargain prices. It is always worth buying from a reputable supplier so shop around and use internet review sites or recommendations from friends and family as a basis for your purchase of your new leather sofas.