Fabric Sofas: The Choice is Yours


There are many factors to consider when purchasing new fabric sofas. A good starting point is to ask the question, who will be using the sofa, different homes will have differing needs for their furniture, a large family with pets are likely to need sofas that are easy to maintain and clean and also that are durable enough to stand up to whatever is thrown at them.

 Choosing the correct coloured sofa

Once you have ascertained who it is that is likely to be using your new fabric sofas, i.e. children, pets, adults, it is a good idea to start thinking about which colour would best suit your home. Darker colours would most suit sofas that are likely to get heavy use or that could be vulnerable to spills and stains. Lighter colour sofas will show stains and marks more easily and may require more maintenance and cleaning in the long run. For this reason a lot of people favour fabric sofas with removable covers. These can be either dry cleaned or in some cases machine washed, meaning that your sofas can be easily cleaned to a high standard if and when needed.

The décor in your house will also influence your choice in colour and style. A patterned or brightly coloured sofa is a really great way to create a focal point in an otherwise plain or neutral room

 Types of fabric sofa

There are hundreds of different types and styles of fabrics and with the wide availability of fabric sofas online and on the high street your choices are almost endless when looking to buy a new fabric suite.

The texture and feel of different fabrics varies massively so it is advisable to either see and feel the sofa before buying or at the very least request a swatch sample from the seller.

Microfibre fabrics are an excellent choice as they are not only soft but they also repel water making them very resilient to stains and easy to clean and care for.

Caution must be taken when buying fabric sofas that have a raised finish or pattern as these can wear quite a bit quicker than smoother or flatter finishes.

Fabric Sofa Quality

A good indication of the quality of a fabric sofa is its thread count, the greater the thread count the more durable the sofas, a mid ranged sofa in terms of quality will have a thread count in the region of 150 whereas the highest rating is 400. This is hugely durable and this is often reflected in the price of the suite, however it is worth shopping around for a fabric sofas sale, it is possible to get great sofas for excellent prices if you do shop around.