Buying Leather Sofas Online Rather than In-Store

With more and more companies selling leather sofas online there has never been such a huge selection of styles, sizes and colours available at such competitive prices. Buying sofas online is different to shopping on the high street and requires a slightly different approach. If you do your homework you can find a cheap leather sofa that has the quality of a much more expensive shop brought alternative

So why are online prices so competitive?

Traditionally companies offering sofas for sale would have to incur the massive overheads associated with running a large high street store or in some cases a chain of high street shops. All of these costs including rent, rates and shop floor staff can be scrapped when selling leather sofas online. By avoiding these expenses, online sellers can pass these savings onto the customer.

The main problem when you buy sofas online

The  main disadvantages of buying sofas over the web is the fact that unlike buying on the high street the customer is unable to see, feel or sit on the sofa. Some online sellers will also have a high street presence so you can try before you buy and also take advantage of their low online prices.

Information is key

If you are unable to view and try the sofas out beforehand, it is good practice to get as much information as possible from the seller. Finding our exactly how the sofa is produced, what components and type of leather are used will all help making your decision and ensure your expectations are met once your new leather sofa is delivered.  Some online sellers will also provide swatch samples upon request, these are excellent for ascertaining the exact colour of the sofa and the quality of leather used.

Check sofa sizes

Without seeing your new leather sofas beforehand it can be quite difficult to get a good idea of the actual size of the sofa when placed in your property, the lifestyle imagery used on some websites can be quite deceiving, you don’t want to end up with a sofa that is way too big for a small room or lost in a bigger room. A good idea is to take the dimensions of your new sofa and make a comparison with your existing furniture, this will give you a good idea of how the sofas will sit in their new home.

Returns policy for leather settees

However much homework you do, its never guaranteed that once your sofas arrive that you will be 100% happy with your purchase. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with a sellers returns policy before placing an order. Although all online sales fall within the long distance selling regulations, companies returns policies can vary greatly, some can be fairly hassle free whilst others can be quite awkward and include hidden charges for collection and restocking of leather sofas. In some cases it may be worth opting for a slightly more expensive suite if the returns policy is customer friendly.