Protecting your Fabric Sofa Sets

Fabric sofas are versatile pieces of furniture available in an endless number of colours, designs and finishes. Buying a sofa is a big investment and is an item of furniture which you are likely to keep for many years to come, for this reason it is important to protect your sofas from any stains, spillages and damage to ensure they look their very best throughout their lifespan, this is very achievable if you care for your sofa and take note of a few steps which will help keep them protected.

Prevention is better than cure

It sounds simple but trying to avoid damage to your fabric suite is easier than trying repair any damage in the future. Be extra careful with any sharp items that may cut or puncture the fabric, scissors, knives etc. Likewise anything that may mark or stain your sofas, marker pens, drinks, foodstuffs etc.  Another common way in which both leather and sofas can be damaged is when vacuuming. When vacuuming along the front edge of your sofas, be careful not to scuff the front and corners, tears and rips to fabric can be very difficult to fix to a high standard and repair bills can be high.

Treat your fabric sofas

There are a number of products that can be applied to your fabric sofas to add a invisible layer of protection against spills and stains. Branded products such as Scotch Guard can be professionally applied to the surface of your sofas and will make it easier to clean and remove any liquid spills. These products can be expensive but are well worth the money especially for sofas which are likely to get heavy use such as in households with families and pets. Such treatments are often offered as an additional extra at the point of sale, if this service is not advertised, it is always worth asking.

Clean your fabric sofas

Gently vacuuming your fabric suite can prevent a build up of dust and dirt which over time can mark and stain your sofas, try and do this approximately once a month. As well as vacuuming your sofas it is also good practice to give the sofas a proper clean once or twice a year with a damp cloth to remove any build up of harder to remove dirt and will also assist with maintaining the true colour of the fabric.

Cover your sofas

If you are decorating your interior or plan to store your sofas for even a short period of time it is wise to cover your sofas with either a plastic or cotton sheet. This will prevent a build up of dust whilst the sofas are not in use.

With a very little time and effort it is possible to protect your fabric sofas, ensuring that they stay looking their very best for many years to come.