Choosing the Perfect Corner Leather Sofa

A corner leather sofa is a popular choice for the modern home offering a stylish and functional seating solution for your living space. Corner sofas come in all shapes, sizes and finishes so there is a good chance that if you are in the market for a leather corner sofa, the perfect model is out there for you. So where do you start?

Measure your available space

If you are used to having a traditional two or three piece suite, the space required for a corner sofa is quite different, having one larger piece of furniture in place of two or three smaller items does require some thought and pre planning. Take a look at the dimensions of a few models and lay newspaper or masking tape onto the floor to show the footprint of the sofa. This will give you a good idea as to the available space and how much room is left around the sofa for movement and your other items of furniture.

Different types of corner leather sofa

The vast majority of corner sofas will be in the form of the classic ‘L’ shape, however one of the main differences between models is the choice of having an arm on either end or the inclusion of a chaise longue. The chaise longue section of a corner sofa is in most cases fixed meaning you can have either a left or right handed version of the same sofa, which one depends on the layout of your room. Make sure that you choose the correct model to suit your room.

Modular corner sofas

Some leather corner sofas are also available in a modular format meaning that sections can be added or taken away to create the perfect sofa for your home. If you do wish to change your living room layout or move house, your sofa can then be changed so that its shape fits in best with your new interior.

Where to buy your new corner leather sofa?

Whether you choose to buy sofas online or on the high street, you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions and always take on board as much information as possible. You should familiarise yourself with dimensions, assembly instructions, delivery information and returns policies to ensure you choose the right model and avoid having to return the item at a later date.

Many people prefer shopping on the high street, as there is the obvious advantage of being able to try out the sofas before committing to buy. Buying sofas online can be a lot cheaper but it can be difficult to gauge the comfort of a sofa from an image only.

The key to choosing the right corner leather sofa is research and planning, shop around and look in interior design magazines to get an idea what is available. A new sofa is a large investment and is an item that will take centre place in your living area, a little time taken when choosing your sofa can save lots of time and hassle in the long term.