Sofa Sets – Choosing the Right Combination

There are endless numbers of sofa sets or combinations to choose from, ranging from the traditional three piece suite to sets including alterative options such as corner sofas and footstools. Every home is different and has different furnishing requirements. There are a few considerations which should be kept in mind when selecting the right sofa set for you.

Who will be using the space?

Along with other family members and possibly pets, it is important to also consider who else may need to be seated in your living area on a regular basis. If you often have guests or extended family visiting you need to make sure they can be seated comfortably in the given space, additional leather armchairs are great if you have the space, however in many cases the use of occasional or ‘emergency’ seating may be required. Leather footstools are great multi functional items of furniture that can double up as both a foot rest and an occasional seat.

Along with the number of people who are to use your new sofa set it is also important to bear in mind any requirements these people may have, older family members or friends may not be suited to an overly soft and deep sofa, which may prove difficult to get up out of and not offer the level of support that is required. A rise and recline armchair may be added to your combination to cater for such needs.

How much space is available?

Obviously the amount of available space will heavily influence which sofa sets or combinations are suitable for your interior. When looking for a new leather suite it is always good practice to check all dimensions carefully. A good idea is to mark out the various pieces of furniture using newspaper on the floor of your room, this will give a good idea of how the sofas and chairs will sit in the interior and how much room is available afterwards for your other pieces of furniture and what room is left to comfortably move around the space.

Adding other items at a later date.

When purchasing sofa sets it is definitely worth considering what the likelihood is of being able to add further matching items to your set at a later date. Many sofa sellers will know whether a line is to be discontinued any time soon and although in years to come it is unlikely that you will be able to source an exact matching item from the same range. If you intend on trying your sofa combination out for a shorter period of time it is good to know that you have the opportunity to add to it to suit your current furnishing requirements.

Buying leather sofas is a large investment and is a practical purchase that you and your family will be using most days and for years to come. A little thought and planning before parting with your money will ensure that when it comes to purchasing sofa sets you choose the best combination.