The Qualities of a Good Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is a luxury item that can add a touch of elegance and style to any interior. Leather is a durable material that is pleasing to the eye which makes it perfect for upholstery. With such a huge range of differing styles and options available when buying a sofa, things can become a little confusing and it can be difficult to differentiate between one sofa and another especially as a lot of the components are out of sight and inside the sofa itself.

Familiarising yourself with the different parts that make up a sofa and what constitutes a good quality model will mean you can dismiss certain models that my not meet your requirements and choose a leather sofa that is fit for the job.

 Type of leather sofa

There are many different types of leather sofas for sale each having their own properties and qualities. With faux leather sofas, these may look the part but are not as durable as leather sofas. Other types of leather including corrected grain, bonded and aniline leather are all much more hard wearing, it is worth reading up on leather types or asking a salesperson the differences between these so that you choose a finish that will suit you and your families needs.

 Sofa frame type

Cheaper sofas will use lower quality wood in their frame construction such as MDF and ply. Leather sofas of a higher quality will be manufactured using a solid wood frame that is both glued and screwed resulting in a super strong base that will stand the test of time and hold the other components securely in place.

 Seat cushions and sofa suspension

There are three main types of seat suspension available with sofas, these are pure foam, serpentine springs and pocket springs. A pure foam suspension system is found on cheaper sofas and can compress over time, this type of suspension will not have the sprung feel of the other two types of suspension. Serpentine springs run parallel beneath the seat cushions and offer good  a good springy seat, these can sag over time so again may not stand the test of time. Pocket sprung units are by far superior to the other aforementioned types. Vertical springs sat in their own individual cloth pockets sit beneath the cushion offering the ultimate in comfort, support and longevity.

It is always advisable to closely inspect any sofa before purchase to look at the level of craftsmanship. Look for straight seam lines, feel for the thickness of the leather and look for a uniform and symmetrical look, manufacturers of cheaper or lower quality sofas do cut corners and it is possible to notice these cost cutting measures with a quick look over the sofa

Whether it be a contemporary black leather sofa for your city apartment or a big and bulky brown leather suite for your country pad, all sofas are manufactured in as similar way and posses the same qualities and components. Bear these few key points in mind when shopping for your new leather sofa and you can’t go wrong.