Leather Sofas vs Fabric Sofas

In terms of finishes there are two main types of sofa, leather sofas and fabric sofas. Both types have their own individual traits and characteristics, neither type of upholstery is better than the other and choosing which finish is more often than not down to personal choice and aesthetics alone.

Leather sofas – Advantages

There is no alterative to the natural look and feel of leather along with its associations of luxury and elegance. Leather is also a really versatile material with the possibility of so many different styles and finishes available to all.


Leather is a very hard wearing and durable material and with the right care and maintenance can last for years to come. Moisturising cream and balms should be used often to keep the leather soft and supple and prevent cracking over long periods of time.

Easy to clean

Leather is relatively easy to clean and can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust and day to day dirt. Spillages can in most cases be easily wiped off and any deeper more stubborn stains can.

Leather sofas – Disadvantages

Limited choice of colours

When compared to fabric sofas there really is much less choice in terms of colourings and finishes. In most cases leather upholstery is only available in a single solid colour

Easily Scratched

Some leather sofas can be easily scratched which could be a problem if you are a pet owner. Different leathers will stand up better to others in terms of scratching, so it is worth enquiring at the point of sale to see which would be the best leather sofa for you.

Fabric sofas – Advantages

Fabrics are available in both natural and synthetic forms, fabric sofas are in most cases a little cheaper than their leather alternatives and a lot of people will see them as a warmer and cosier option.

Endless finishes

The number of different options in terms of colours, patterns, textures and finishes is almost endless meaning that it is possible to source a sofa that perfectly matches your interior and soft furnishings.

Removable covers

Some fabric sofas are available with removable covers making them easy to machine clean or professionally clean to a high standard, this option is not available with leather sofas.

 Fabric sofas – Disadvantages

Not as durable as leather

Most fabric sofas are pretty tough but it’s a fact that leather is one of the most durable materials for upholstery, cheaper fabrics or those of a lower quality can wear thin over time.

Tough to tackle stains and spillages

Any spillages on fabric sofas will seep into the fabric and certain liquids can stain, if the spillage is on a removable cushion it may be easy to resolve however, elsewhere on the sofa may prove a little more difficult. Microfibre fabric sofas are the most resilient to spills and stains so microfibre may be a good choice if you have children and / or pets.

As you make comparisons between leather and fabric sofas it is important to bear all of these factors in mind and make a decision as to which finish would be most suitable for you and anyone else using the sofas. Whether it be a fabric sofa or leather sofa do your research and you should be able to find the perfect model for your home.